55. Portafoglio Ripieno
beef stuffed with cheese and mushrooms

56. Saltimbocca alla Romana
veal stuffed with parma ham

59. Cordon Bleu
chicken stuffed with pork, mushroom sauce

60. Beef Stroganoff
beef served with mashed potatoes, green and red peppers, onions, parsley

61. Wiener Schnitzel
pork served with fried potatoes and BĂ©arnaise sauce

62. Boller I Karry
meatballs, curry sauce

63. Crisp-Fried Pork
pork, beets, boiled potatoes, parsley sauce

64. Biksemad
Swedish hash with meat, potatoes, onion, beetroot, fried egg

66. Grilled Chicken Breast
chicken served with French fries and BBQ or BĂ©arnaise sauce

68. Danish Ground Beef
ground beef, boiled potatoes, cucumber salad, fried egg

Danish Ground Beef

Crisp-Fried Pork

* All photos taken from our menu using an iPhone 7.